Our Goal: Build Strong, Healthy Communities


Together, we can build stronger, healthier communities by helping people access quality health care and make meaningful connections.


What We're Doing About It


Helping our neighbors access quality health care.

We work with nonprofit partners to help those uninsured and underinsured obtain affordable care so they can receive essential support and services. Partners like Community Health Center provide medical services, dental care and supportive services that promote healthy living; and Homemaker Health Care loans durable medical equipment so individuals can remain and/or recover from a health condition in their own home. Special Learning Center provides therapy services to children with developmental disabilities and delays such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorders to they can reach their maximum potential. 


Assisting those suffering from mental health issues.

Living with mental health issues and/or drug addiction is a daily struggle for many in our community. Our partners provide clients with the education and resources they need to manage their conditions so they can live healthy, productive lives. Compass Health Network delivers compassionate, quality care to help people find their way along a path to better physical and emotional health. Council for Drug Free Youth provides programs to youth so they learn the importance of staying drug and alcohol free.


Building strong, supportive neighborhoods.

The path to a healthy life does not end with annual check-ups. We bring neighbors together to build a sense of community. Partners like Senior Nutrition Council offers an opportunity for seniors to come together for activities and congregate meals, and also provides meal delivery services so seniors can stay in their own homes and still have access to quality meals.


We're Seeing Results


individuals received medical, dental and behavioral health services


youth participated in programs to learn the importance of staying drug & alcohol free


durable medical equipment items loaned to individuals so they could remain and/or recover in their own homes