Community Health Needs Assessment


The Central Missouri Community Health Assessment Partnership (CMCHAP) pulled together once again on a mission to improve the health of residents in the five counties of Callaway, Cole, Miller, Moniteau and Osage. The partnership worked collaboratively to collect and analyze health data and gather input from community members and those representing the board interest of the community to aid in assessing and prioritizing needs.

This unique partnership of health care and social services providers is sponsored by Capital Region Medical Center and SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital - Jefferson City, and includes nine additional partners: the Community Health Center of Central Missouri; Compass Health Network, Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare, the Public Health Departments of Callaway County, Cole County, Miller County, Moniteau County and Osage County; and United Way of Central Missouri. 

A Message from CMCHAP

CMCHAP is pleased to present the 2018 Community Health Assessment of Central Missouri. This report includes data reflecting the health status of Callaway, Cole, Osage, Miller and Moniteau Counties.
This study was conducted from January through July 2018, to identify health issues of primary concern and to provide critical information to those in a position to make an impact on the health of our region including entities such as local governments, social service agencies, businesses, healthcare providers and consumers. The results enable all of us to more strategically establish priorities, develop interventions and commit resources to improve the health of our communities and the region.

Health is — and must be — an issue of concern and action for all of us. We hope the information in this study will encourage collaboration involving all agencies across county lines, between usual competitors and among funders to address the complex health needs of our communities.
This 2018 report identifies the following priorities for improving the health of residents in the five-county report area of Central Missouri and asks communities to work together to address the following issues that most influence health and well-being in our communities. They are listed below in alphabetical order and will be further explained in this report.

  •  Access to Health Care and Support Services
  •  Chronic Disease & Health Risks Prevention
  •  Mental Health Disorders and Substance Abuse
  •  Healthy Literacy
  •  Social Determinants that Influence Health

This community health needs assessment is the third endeavor of the Central Missouri Community Health Assessment Partnership (CMCHAP). With reliable information as a foundation, CMCHAP can continue to work collaboratively to develop plans and resources to meet the community’s needs. The Community Health Needs Assessment is intended to be a tool in identifying and reaching collaborative goals.