Campaign Structures & Timeline

2022 Campaign Calendar


Traditional Campaign: For the organization that wants to maintain status quo with their campaign efforts. Includes face-to-face campaign rally(s) to share information about the work of the United Way and asks for support from your organization’s employees through payroll deduct or one-time gifts. The United Way team will present at as many rallies as your organization deems necessary to get the message to all of your employees. Rallies typically include a United Way staff person, agency partner and campaign co-chair as speakers and includes the campaign video for a total time of 20-30 minutes. The content of the rally and presentation time can be flexible to your organization.

Rollover Campaign: For the organization that wants to continue to support United Way in an extraordinary way without spending an extraordinary amount of time on campaign efforts (In other words: let’s keep it simple!). Encourages employees to keep their giving level or increased from their 2021 contribution.  Send an email/letter to each donor with their 2021 giving amount and ask for confirmation to keep his/her giving level, or make an increase or decrease from last year’s support. Or if it’s okay with your HR Department, let your team know their giving will remain level unless they tell you otherwise.

Virtual Campaign:  For the organization with staff still working remotely or not able to invite non-employees into their facilities.  United Way’s Campaign Team can participate in your virtual meeting, or we can even customize a video for your virtual rally. Contact our office at 573-636-4100 to request a custom video.

Hybrid Campaign: Includes traditional and virtual campaign elements (for example, hosting an in-person meeting but providing online giving options instead of physical pledge cards).


For those organizations that do not want paper pledge cards, United Way can design a unique Giving Page specific to your organization on the United Way website to run your personalized campaign. United Way staff will download your Giving Page summary at the end of your workplace campaign, and a copy will be provided to your organization. (No need to complete electronic Employee Contribution (EC) form for this type of campaign.)  To establish your personalized Giving Page, contact our office at 573-636-4100.

Please collect all cash/check donations through the completion of your campaign. (Do not send individual donations to the United Way in order to prevent donations from not accurately being matched to the appropriate organization.) Once all cash/check donations have been collected and your campaign is finalized, complete the electronic Employee Contribution (EC) form at with all pledges (cash/check, payroll deduction, bill me and bank draft) and include it and any cash/check donations in your campaign packet.