President's Report, November: Ann Bax

Thank You For Believing

United Way is truly grateful for the Gilbert family,
who shared their wonderful story with our community
and inspire all to support our important mission to
help people live their best possible lives.


As a community, we’ve spent the last several months as part of a widespread effort to help local people through United Way of Central Missouri’s Rockin’ the 80’s themed campaign. Our campaign slogan, Don’t Stop Believing, a recognizable line from an 80’s Journey’s song, was truly relevant given many people in our community have given up, lost hope and stopped believing. As United Way supporters we help restore hope, make things better, pick people up and help them back on their feet. Through the campaign, we met the Gilbert family, who inspired us and represent the more than 88,000 people touched by the United Way of Central Missouri in 2015.

On November 3, we announced that our community made it possible for the United Way to exceed our $1.825 million goal by generously and selflessly contributing an unprecedented $1,921,568 through the 2016 United Way Campaign. This number is a reflection of not only the tremendous generosity of our community, but also the great need our community faces each day. Because of you, more families will keep a roof over their heads, more kids will go to bed with full stomachs, more seniors will remain  independent and in their homes; and more people will find the help they need. Because of you, our community will continue to grow and thrive. Because of you, more people will live their best possible lives.

In truly great communities like ours, people take care of each other. From the bottom of my heart; and on behalf of the United Way of Central Missouri staff, volunteers, Board of Directors, and 28 partner agencies; thank you and Don’t Stop Believing!

Article by Ann Bax, United Way of Central Missouri President/CPO