Our Campaign

Inspired by the quote from Walt Disney, "If you can dream it, you can do it!" the United Way of Central Missouri has chosen a Disney theme for our 2017 Community Campaign! Be part of the campaign magic as we work together to fight for the health, education, financial stability and basic needs of every person in our community!

We need your BUSINESS to help make a difference!

Want to form a winning partnership for your business and your community? When you contribute to the United Way of Central Missouri, you create a win-win partnership that benefits your company, the United Way of Central Missouri and the community in which your employees and customers live and work! Workplace giving has long been a highly valued tradition offering benefits to employers, employees, and the people of central Missouri who are helped by agencies and programs supported by the United Way of Central Missouri. It is one of the most simple and effective ways for employees to give back to their community. Today’s customer wants to do business with companies that help make the community in which they operate a better place to live and raise families.

Together we can achieve results that no one can accomplish alone. Invest in YOUR community!
Learn more about why you should host a United Way Workplace Campaign. Be part of our movement, find out how you can help advance the common good, inspire hope, and create opportunities for a better tomorrow!