Legacy Circle Volunteers

Our Legacy Circle volunteers consist of leaders in our community who have served as a Board Chair, Campaign Co-Chair or key volunteer for the United Way of Central Missouri. These incredible volunteers assisted the United Way in contacting business leaders to express thanks on behalf of the United Way and asked how we can best help organizations with implementing their workplace campaign. We knew it would be important to personalize each campaign during COVID, and we are so grateful for these incredible leaders for their help in making that possible!

Legacy Circle Volunteers

Mike Downey

Jayne Dunkmann

Missy Dunn

Bernie Fechtel

Ryan Freeman

Greg Gaffke

Nancy Gratz

Lori Hoelscher

Mike Hoelscher

Mark Kaiser

Claudia Kehoe

John Kehoe

Ann Littlefield

Lori Massman

Linda McAnany

Mark Mueller

Darla Porter

Barb Prasad

Gaye Suggett

Matt Tollerton

Connie Vaughan

Janet Wear-Enloe

Dan Westhues