Safety Net

Responding to Crisis


United Way of Central Missouri provides a Safety Net to support crisis and intervention services, including 
  • Basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing.
  • Emergency/Disaster services.
  • Health & safety training.
  • Personal safety services for individuals/families that face threats to their immediate well-being.


United Way of Central Missouri in Action…

  • Over 15,000 people in emergency situations were given food, shelter, clothing, and utility assistance through Salvation Army.
  • Over 3 million pounds of food were distributed to families in need through The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.
  • 8,692 nights of lodging at Rape & Abuse Crisis Service were provided for women & their children to protect them from domestic violence.
  • 261 people were assisted with disaster relief and services to the Armed Forces through the American Red Cross. Over 4,000 individuals were trained in health & safety training.
  • 472 children have a safe place to go after school with the Boys & Girls Club of the Capital City.