Planning Your Corporate Campaign

Suggested United Way Campaign Timeline

Planning Your Campaign Kickoff

  • Meet United Way staff and campaign leadership.
  • Map out your Campaign Timeline with dates and targeted campaign goals.
  • Support your campaign success by ordering materials from United Way including brochures, pledge cards, and campaign posters.
  • If your company's budget allows, purchase some small incentive gifts from the United Way Store Online.
  • Secure CEO or senior management support, including a campaign budget.
  • Finalize targeted campaign goals including: total dollars, number of leadership givers, and percent of employee participation.
  • Recruit and train your campaign team!
2 Weeks Before Your Campaign Kickoff 
  • Ask past employers or members of senior management to "set the pace" by announcing their renewed gift, Leadership gift, or match so that there's a benchmark.
  • Begin promoting your campaign kickoff and activities.
Kickoff Celebration
  • Consider including: door prizes or a raffle, activities and an announcement from your CEO or senior management about their commitment and pledge.
  • Participate in the Day of Caring, September 8 & 9, 2016.
During your Campaign
  • Send follow-up emails every few days to keep up the enthusiasm.
  • Hold additional events and meetings (bake sale, raffle, food drive, volunteer day, etc).
3 Days Before Your Campaign Concludes
  • Send reminder email that your campaign is concluding and contributions and pledge cards need to be submitted.
After Your Campaign Concludes
  • Collect contributions and pledge cards. Complete report envelope. Call your campaign volunteer or the United Way office to pick up your finalized packet.  
  • Announce campaign results to all staff and thank employees with a letter, email, or event.
  • This is a great time to remind them of the United Way of Central Missouri website where they can learn about how their contribution is working in the community.
  • Thank your campaign team, Leadership contributors, or other special groups.
  • Gather feedback and notes for next year.
  • Congratulations - You've just completed a successful campaign and made a lasting impression in the community! Don’t forget our Victory Celebration on November 3, 2016. Mark your calendar today.
  • To create a meaningful giving experience, develop a campaign theme unique to your organization and have fun. Some companies even use a campaign mascot!
Your help to raise money for the United Way of Central Missouri helps to build a stronger community.  Every day, someone's life is changed for the better, thanks to a program or service provided by United Way partner agencies.  Your family, friends, co-workers--as well as people you do not know--will be helped by your support of the United Way of Central Missouri.