Improving People's Health

Health is such a basic need; it impacts every aspect of a person's daily life.  A child with a toothache is unable to concentrate in school and succeed. A family without health insurance is often overwhelmed to the point of bankruptcy by the financial burdens of an illness. Seniors without prescription assistance have to make frightening decisions about which medications they can afford and which ones they will go without.

Whether it is a neighbor without health insurance, a victim of abuse, or someone struggling with mental illness or an addiction, United Way of Central Missouri works to ensure everyone has access to affordable and quality care so they can lead safe, healthy, and rewarding lives.

United Way of Central Missouri in Action in 2016… 

  • 53,513 healthy meals were delivered to 292 elderly residents through the homebound meal program provided by the Senior Nutrition Center. 

  • Pairs of shoes were provided to 849 children in low-income families in area schools through the Dental, Eye and Shoe Program. 

  • 543 families were provided mental health services through Pathways Community Behavioral Health Care. 

  • 263 elderly and disabled individuals received in-home services through Homemaker Health Care so they could remain at home safely and avoid more costly institutional care through Homemaker Health Care.

  • 10,237 patients were provided affordable primary care services; including medical, dental and mental health services through the Community Health Center of Central Missouri.