Giving Back is a Family Tradition at Fechtel Beverage & Sales

Fechtel Beverage & Sales shows support of the United Way of Central Missouri Campaign with signage at their facility.

Like a number of businesses throughout our community, Fechtel Beverage in Jefferson City recently completed its United Way campaign.  Each year Fechtel Beverage asks its team members to join in helping people in our community live their best lives possible. In 2017, the Fechtel team set new records for donations in both total contributions and number of donors. Andy Fechtel, Brand Specialist at Fechtel Beverage, and United Way Board member and volunteer was excited about the success of their campaign. “I couldn’t be more proud of our team for recognizing the need in our community and doing something about it.  They truly recognize that ‘Living United’ is about taking action, in whatever capacity you can.”

The Fechtel Family has a long history working with the United Way of Central Missouri and its partner agencies, but Andy believes that isn’t why their campaign has enjoyed so much growth in recent years. “Our commitment to the United Way might have started with our family, but it is our team that has really embraced the chance to create change.  We provide the opportunity to give and our team takes it from there.  Even our partner-breweries have started getting involved in our campaign to make it something truly special.”  This year Fechtel Beverage utilized a company barbeque, donation matching and a raffle to celebrate the success of the campaign, but in years past the business has used beer tastings, days off , and even raffled off  a beer vending machine to generate excitement among their team. “We have tried a number of things to create some buzz around our campaign.” Fechtel said.  “But the most impactful piece of our campaign is having United Way and its partner agencies’ staff members come and talk to our people.  When they get in front of the employees is when the message really connects. I think when they started meeting with our folks you could really see an improvement in our campaign.”

When asked about how other businesses could get involved with the United Way Andy joked, “Trust me, if Ann at the United Way knows you are willing to help she will find a way to get your team started! But it really is as simple as just calling and asking, because every campaign has to start somewhere and even one dollar in donations can have an impact on someone’s life.  We were hesitant to get started because we didn’t want to ask our employees to give, but what we have found over the years is that our employees are often looking for a way to make a difference.  Our team works hard at home and with our customers and many don’t have time to volunteer. By donating to the United Way they know their money is put to good use and they are changing lives for the better.” 

If your business is considering getting involved with the United Way and its campaign, you can call the United Way of Central Missouri for more details. The community campaign may have come to an end for this year, but planning is already taking shape for 2018.  It is never too early to sign up your business and to begin making plans for a workplace campaign.