Financial Stability

Promoting Financial Stability and Independence 

Everyday low-income families make tough decisions regarding how to meet the rising costs of housing, child care, food, transportation, utilities and health care.  These community neighbors are often one paycheck away from falling behind.  One unanticipated events, such as an emergency room visit or car repair, can create a ripple effect that spirals into debt, missed house payments, and even loss of insurance. 

There is a cost to inaction.  Research tell us low income translates into a much broader landscape of human service issues in our community.  If a family is lower-wage earning, children are not often successful in school.  They move frequently.  They are less likely to have health insurance coverage.  They choose not to treat a minor illness or visit the emergency room.  There are no easy financial decisions, and every path can have long-term consequences. 

United Way of Central Missouri in Action in 2016… 

159 families are able to maintain employment with the assistance of affordable, sliding-scale children care through the Jefferson City Day Care Center and the YMCA Child Development Center.

​Dreams to Reality provided over 227 women encouragement and appropriate clothing for job interviews, in addition to clothing to wear once employed.

​90 individuals with disabilities found employment at Capitol Projects Sheltered Workshop and transportation through Osage County Community Living.